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~~ Entrees’ come with choice of mashed potatoes, red roasted potatoes or fresh baked potatoes ~~

Schnitzel in hunter`s sauce $16
Thinly sliced and breaded pork loin topped with traditional polish hunter’s sauce served with cucumber dill salad.

The Polish plate $17
Try it all ! Hunter’s stew “Bigos” , staffed cabbage, three pierogis, and grilled polish sausage “Kielbasa”.

Gypsy pancake $18
A giant Outlaw’s potato pancake cover with beef goulash served with red beets & cold polish dinner salad

Roasted duck $18
Quarter serving of home style oven roasted duck served on a bed of sweet red cabbage.

Polish Meatballs $16
Piece of fried minced pork covered with mushroom sauce served with cucumber dill salad.

Golabki $16
Cabbage rolls stuffed with seasoned ground meat and rice served w/red beets and tomato or mushroom sauce.

Traditional Red Kielbasa $17
Grilled homemade polish sausage stuffed with gouda cheese topped with salted onions and served with hot sauerkraut.

Golden trout $18
Sautéed trout in lemon, capers and olive oil sauce served with buttered green beans.

Rabbit in sour cream sauce $18
Oven baked rabbit in lightly sour cream dill sauce dished up with battered carrot & pea salad.

Veal schnitzel de volaille $18
Thinly sliced veal loin roll lightly breaded, stuffed with mozzarella cheese & pickles topped with hunter sauce and served with red beets.

Sobieski cutlet $16
Breaded Chicken filet coated with ham and Swiss cheese served with green beans.

~~ Substitutes for sides if you so desire ~~
Red sweet cabbage, hot sauerkraut, red beets, buttered green beans , cucumber dill salad, cold cabbage salad

323 14th Street Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (720) 974-4052

Executive Chef: Kinga Klek

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 11:00AM - 9:30PM.
Saturday and Sunday: 4:00PM - 9:30PM.


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